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Vice Prime Minister/Minister of Energy Mr. Kakha Kaladze and President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Mr. Rovnag Abdullayev inspected the newly built gas distribution network in the village of Kirikhlo in the Marneuli Municipality.

The construction of an 11-kilometer gas pipeline enabled 259 households living in the village to be connected to the gas distribution network.

SOCAR Georgia Gas has built a 1,027-kilometer-long gas pipeline in Kvemo Kartli and has a capacity of 26,837 subscribers to be connected to the natural gas network. In Kvemo Kartli, 100,000 households already consume natural gas.

By the end of the year, a 158-kilometer gas distribution network is planned to be built in the Kvemo Kartli region, which will enable additional 3,434 potential subscribers to be connected to the natural gas network.

According to the 2016 gasification plan, SOCAR Georgia Gas will build a 1,600-kilometer-long gas distribution network throughout Georgia and will be able to connect more than 40,000 households to the natural gas network.

In total, in 2009-2017, within the framework of investment commitments, SOCAR Georgia Gas will have built a gas distribution network of more than 7,000 km long, which will enable the connection of 250 thousand potential subscribers to the natural gas network throughout Georgia.

23 December, 2016