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Mr. Zurab Gasitashvili, Deputy Rector of the Georgian Technical University in the field of science, and Merab Kublashvili, Head of the Kutaisi Training Center of SOCAR Georgia Gas, congratulated the students on the "International Students' Day" and wished them success in their future endeavors.

On this day, Mr. Merab Kublashvili, Head of the company’s Kutaisi Training Center, delivered a lecture at the Georgian Technical University on the following:

  1. Brief overview of natural gas history in Georgia;
  2. Georgia as an Asia-Europe transit corridor;
  3. The largest importer and exporter countries in the world. General overview of the market;
  4. Basic physical and chemical properties of natural gas;
  5. Basic principles of safety norms and rules, knowledge of which is essential for consumers;
  6. Brief annotation of gas appliances;
  7. GNERC Resolution N12 of July 9, 2009 - "Rules of natural gas supply and consumption"

Students of three faculties (Energy and Telecommunications; Mining and Geology and Civil Engineering)

of the Georgian Technical University attended the lecture.

17 November, 2017